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GadCap CapaciSense is at the forefront of solutions for blade condition monitoring in extreme environments.

GadCap CapaciSense systems were developed in the 1980’s with the support of Pyrotenax®, the market leader in high temperature mineral insulated cable. Now part of GadCap Technical Solutions, the CapaciSense product has matured into a full system and service package. Currently employed worldwide within the power generation and aerospace industries, GadCap CapaciSense sensors are favoured for their ability to survive extreme temperatures for a long period of time, enabling the whole engine to be monitored continuously, not only the lower temperature compressor areas.

2019 nVent Capacisense becomes part of Gadcap Techinical Solutions UK Ltd
2018 Pentair Thermal Management becomes nVent
2012 Tyco Thermal Controls becomes Pentair Thermal Management
Probe Design 200 manufactured
2010 FM approval for 5 Series (dropped 2023)
2009 nVent CAPACISENSE performs first retro-fit themselves
5 Series ATEX approval (dropped 2019)
2008 5 Series Oscillator launch
2007 5 Series Demodulator launched
Probe Designs improved to extend life
First Retro-fit installation
2006 150th Probe Design
CAPACISENSE brand created & launched
Seismic Rack Assemblies
ATEX and FM Approval for FM 4 Series
2003 First probes into Production Engines
2002 First stages of Probe Improvements made
2001 Tyco Thermal Controls acquire Pyrotenax business unit from BICC/General Cables
1997 Probe patent granted
1996 First BICC Development Probe Design
1989 Chivers Thesis – A Technique for the measurement of blade tip clearance in gas turbines
1988 BICC supply triax cable for capacitive probes


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