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For condition monitoring applications, sensors need to perform well over extended periods of time. All CapaciSense sensors have patented fully captive components which limits the risk of the sensor breaking apart into the engine—even if it is damaged. The probes are of triaxial construction with a centre electrode, Inner guard and an outer screen/body. Super-alloys are employed to reach tip temperatures of 1400°C/2552°F. All sensors are custom designed, with over 250 designs to date.


Electronics for Bladed Systems

We offer two electronic solutions for measuring bladed systems, the 5 Series FM system and CapaciSense SOLO. Both systems work on the principal of measuring the capacitance change between the sensor electrode and a passing blade but each has their advantages depending upon your application.


Electronics for Continuous surfaces

Amplitude modulated systems are used to monitor non-contact capacitive proximity on a continuous surface such as a Rotating Shaft Systems, shrouded blades or brake discs



Providing products is only one part of making a working system. The CapaciSense team ensures you have a complete turnkey solution by providing all the associated services that you might expect.


Optical Based Systems

Optical Based sensors and electronics.


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