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What do I need? The basics.

Any measurement system can be broken down into 3 basic components:

1) The probe.  This is the component which in our case has the element which is sensitive to distance.  The probe or sensor is installed in your application “facing” the target.

2) The signal processing electronics.  As the “signal” from the sensor is so small it needs processing into something which can easily be measured – typically a voltage which represents a scaled version of the signal.  For we use different signal processing depending on whether the target is continuous (such as a shaft or shrouded blades) or intermittent (such as blading).

3) The acquisitions and processing of the signal.  Once the signal is in the form of a voltage, it needs to be measured and converted or linearised into engineering units which mean something.  For our 5 Series system for intermittent targets we have our CPM which in addition to providing access to the clearance and tip timing data is also used to control and configure the signal processing electronics.  For continuous targets the data is usually a lot “simpler” so end users usually have a measurement system in place which can be used.  Alternatively we can provide a custom solution based on standard components.


If you want any help or advice on what you need, feel free to contact the team.

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