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CapaciSense to offer Optical Solutions

Kurt Nichol, Paul Seccombe and Steve Poland

Kurt Nichol (EDAS), Paul Seccombe (CapaciSense) and Steve Poland (Prime Photonics)

We are pleased to announce that their CapaciSense blade monitoring team will begin to offer Optical based solutions in addition to their traditional Capacitive based systems.  This is as a result of our collaborating with Prime Photonics.

“We have for some time worked with EDAS with their software solution to provide tip timing and we have always acknowledged that our Capacitive based systems whilst being excellent for long duration testing and in-service use we recognise that optical systems have their place.  We therefore have decided to work with Prime Photonics to offer an optical system which is better suited to engine characterisation testing.  It is hoped that the 3 companies working together with their individual strengths will provide a complete solution to all customers no matter their application.” Says Paul Seccombe.

If you would like to enquire about either a Capacitive or Optical based blade monitoring system for Tip Timing (NSMS) or Tip Clearance please see the Capacisense website


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